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About MITS

Established in 2001, MITS offers technical training for industry and research in the Pacific Rim markets.

MITS software distribution covers software development tools, research and analysis tools and tools for QA / QC engineers.


MITS' Qualified trainers have been engaged to conduct training for M.N.C.'s. S.M.E.'s, educational establishments and research organisations in Singapore and Malaysia.


MITS engineers have wide experience in Instrumentation, Test and Measurement.

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MITS Process Monitor

MITS Process Monitor is one of a series of no frills products for systems integrators.

Use MITS Process Monitor if you need to roll out a large number of systems with embedded real time Cpk / PPk monitoring.

Rather than offer all kinds of charts that you may never need, analysis features that are used by three factories in a thousand, the MITS Process Monitor is dedicated to a single job - supplying Cpk and Ppk data. pricing



DasyLAB empowers Research engineers and scientists with the ability to build prototype monitoring and analysis systems even if they have no programming knowledge.

DasyLAB builds in seconds what other systems take hours to put together, making it possible to try out different analyses without having invested too much in expensive custom systems.

DasyLAB - R & D prototyping software

With a large range of built in analysis functions (like FFT, Filters, Statistics etc.) DasyLAB saves you time and money, while helping you get the results that you need.